Kasaba No.26

Location Eskisehir, Turkey
Year 2014
Client Polimeks
Job description Architectural design
Function Housing complex with retail, commercial and cultural activities
Status Invited competition, 3rd prize
Collaborators Atıl Aggündüz, Onur KaradenizMelih Gençer.

Make-up of Eskişehir: The housing rental classifieds particularly targeted for students retrieved from sahibinden.com, showing which portions of the city is occupied by the university students. This study also included detailed information of each ad as in the number of bedrooms, total floor area, amount of rent, etc. The information was used as a basis for the amount of housing units, their size and layouts.


Functions with numbers

The project consists of 3 existing warehouses and one new building. The complex is mainly housing, which is supported by office spaces for start-up companies, cafe/restaurant/pub, various commercial modules, open and closed sports area, one open and one closed multipurpose amphitheater, and a contemporary art museum.


The brick housing modules come together as to form interior courtyards. The courtyards, not only serve as passive heating tools in cold, cold winters of Eskisehir, but also create social meeting points for the residents.

Social Corridor

The commercial areas inside the residential structures.

Sports area

There is an open-air football pitch and closed fitness/gym space, swimming pool and yoga/pilates studios.

Inside the apartments

Inside of an apartment.

Office Hubs

The young entrepreneurs can rent private office modules or just share a desk.


The amphitheater is made of two separate pieces made of light steel, and can slide to the sides.


The only added new construction, the museum benefits from the 6 metre height difference between the street and the project area. As anyone can walk in directly from the street, others can walk over to the park on the other side of the hidden building.

Outside at dusk