The team

Mert Cığızoğlu

Mert, besides the most difficult last name to pronounce, has a BSc in architecture (Bahçeşehir University, 2007, hons) and an MSc degree in computational design (Istanbul Technical University, 2010).

Mert has worked as an architectural designer and project manager/job captain for several design offices and he managed and designed a variety of awarded buildings including a hotel complex in Maldives, a university campus in Istanbul, several residential complexes and restaurants throughout Turkey.

Mert has been teaching and been invited as guest lecturer/jury member in several universities since 2014. He is currently a diploma studio tutor in Istanbul Kemerburgaz University and 3rd year project studio in Istanbul Bilgi University.

Bilge Kobaş

Bilge is an architect, and a nomad by blood; which is the driving force behind her fascination for sustainability.

She has her BSc degree from Istanbul Technical University (2008, hons) and her MSc degrees from ITU (2011, hons) and Architectural Association School of Architecture (2012) with TUBITAK and British Council&HSBC scholarships, respectively. She studied sustainable environmental design and building physics, and wrote several papers on sustainable design principles, intelligence in the architectural context, legislative background of sustainable practices, and green building certification systems. Her current research focus is on preparing and analysing various datasets as a source for design. She is currently carrying out her PhD studies in Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design of Technical University of Munich, with a DAAD research grant.

Bilge has been teaching and been invited as guest lecturer/jury member in several universities since 2014, and she co-founded the data-driven design research and analysis group Bits ‘n Bricks in 2016.




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