What Super Eight is

Super Eight is a young, a little hyper, sometimes misanthropic, often time socially vigilant architectural network. We are a group of individuals who think cross-breeding of ideas creates stronger concepts, so we believe in the power of collaboration. Amongst Super Eight’s collaborators are interior designers, architects of many schools of thought, product and furniture designers, urban planners, analysts, graphic designers, movie makers, artists, activists and academics. We can grow or shrink according to the project, as do our services according to what you need.

We believe that architectural practice needs to be cultivated, so often times we work with engineers and labs for our experimental projects, organize seminars, lectures and workshops and work on publications.

We came together with a lot of criticism for what we have seen in the current architectural scene. Amongst many other things, Super Eight is a restless experimentation that, we sincerely hope, will help us or those who will come next, to find the ways to revive architectural ethics, better the working conditions, stand for something and do good on this fleeting earth.